about mother

The Mother was born Mirra Alfassa in Paris on 21 February 1878. A pupil at the Academie Julian, she became an accomplished artist, and also excelled as a pianist and writer. Interested in occultism, she visited Tlemcen, Algeria, in 1905 and l906 to study with the adept Max Theon and his wife. Her primary interest, however, was spiritual development. In Paris she founded a group of spiritual seekers and gave talks to various groups.

In 1914 the Mother voyaged to Pondicherry to meet Sri Aurobindo, whom she at once recognised as the one who for many years had inwardly guided her spiritual development. After a stay of eleven months she was obliged to return to France due to the outbreak of the First World War. A year later she went to Japan for a period of four years.

In April 1920 the Mother rejoined Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry. When the Sri Aurobindo Ashram was formed in November 1926, Sri Aurobindo entrusted its full material and spiritual charge to the Mother. Under her guidance, which continued for nearly fifty years, the Ashram grew into a large, many-faceted spiritual community. In 1952 she established Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, and in 1968 an international township, Auroville. The Mother left her body on l7 November 1973.

Mother's Miracle
In ashram there are more plants,trees,flowers.one of the tree asks Mother that the tree want to do service for Mother.The tree also felt that it is not able to give flowers for Mother.It asks this to Mother often.

Mother told the tree will do the best service and it will feel the true happiness.

and the tree is the "SERVICE TREE" that is near to Mahasamadhi.The tree gives protection to Mother sri Aurobindo mahasamadhi.so we have to know that every Mother children has a very important and best service to do for Mother.

Mother' Writting
The 17-volume Collected Works consists of nine volumes of talks and eight volumes of writings (prayers, reflections, essays, sayings, letters and personal notes). Most of the material was written or spoken in French and appear here in translation. The text on this website is that of the second edition; it is textually the same as the first edition (excepting a few minor corrections), but differs in page numbering.

Each volume can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format. At the end of the list below is a zipped file containing all the PDFs.

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This section hosts music played by the Mother and Sunil. The Mother used to improvise on the reed organ and later switched to an electric organ. She played on New Year's Day and on some other occasions. These were recorded from the 1950s.

From 1965, the Mother entrusted the composition and recording of New Year Music to Sunil, and later also asked him to make music for passages she read from Savitri.

The audio tracks have been encoded as MP3 files and are made available here as free downloads. They are for personal use only.

Presence of a Supra-Human Force
Mirra was always conscious of a more than human force behind her, often entering her body and working there in a supernormal way. This force she knew to be her own secret being. In Mirra's school there was a boy of thirteen, a bully who used to mock at girls, saying that they were good for nothing. Mirra was only seven, but one day she confronted him and asked him, `Will you shut up?' He kept mocking. Suddenly she took hold of him, lifted him up from the ground and threw him down with a thump. She later realised that this was a manifestation of the force of Mahakali.

Mirra often liked to play in the forests of Fontainebleu. One day when she was climbing a steep hill, her foot slipped and she began to fall down. The road below was strewn with sharp black flint stones. Suddenly she felt somebody supporting her, in a lap as it were, and slowly bringing her down. Her companions were glad and astonished to find that when she reached the ground she was standing safely on her feet.