Sri Aravindar, Mother, Sri Annai Samadhi and Auroville at Puduchery are all names that are globally renowned for their spiritual contribution to the humanity.

Millions of devotees of Sri Annai and Bhagwan Aravindar are spread across the world. They include people from all walks of life, all races and religions.

Once a person becomes the devotee of Sri Annai and surrenders himself at her lotus feet, he starts experiencing many positive changes in life. Though Aurobindo Ashram and Annai Samathi are located at Puducherry, devotees from other parts of the country need some place closer to their homes where they can go and worship Annai very frequently and sit in meditation in an atmosphere very similar to the one at Annai Samadhi and start reaping the fruits of their total devotion.

Chennai being a major city close to Puducherry and where lakhs of Annaiís devotees are living, and a place that offers easy connectivity to other parts of the world, an ashram has been established there by Annai Adigal, an ardent devotee of Sri Annai. The ashram is situated at west Mambalam, one of Chennaiís busiest residential and commercial hubs.